Mail Order Brides: Who are They


I’m sure that all of you have heard a phrase « Marriages are made in heaven » at least once. This does sound very romantic and trustful, but progress and time-changes are a lot more reliable, right? And thanks to that you can find your love online.


Mail order brides services have appeared recently, but keep developing and becoming increasingly popular every year. You are probably interested in a modern phenomenon of mail order bride if you are reading these lines. But what does it mean? 


A mail order bride is a lady who registers on a special website, creates a profile, and writes certain information about herself. All of this is done to find a foreign husband for potential marriage.


It is not easy to choose a partner for the whole life, especially for women. That's why many are ready to look for a soulmate abroad. 


Why Choose Mail Order Brides Services


Like I have already mentioned, mail order brides platforms are quickly becoming popular. They are a great way to find your love in any part of the world. Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t trust mail order bride sites, because they have never heard about them or don't have enough knowledge. Therefore, let me explain what you need to know before looking for your love on one of such platforms:


  1. Any woman who is looking for a trustworthy, decent man can choose to become a mail order bride. She just needs to fill in the form on the website to verify her identity.

  2. After you've decided to try building a family with a mail order bride, pick a website, register, and create a profile. None of this should take a lot of time.

  3. Nobody can guarantee you that you will instantly find the love of your life. You obviously need to spend some time with the person before even thinking about marriage. The good news is that you have a bunch of options. You can communicate with as many ladies as you wish before you will find your soulmate. Some men clearly know what kind of women they need and have a certain list of requirements, while others are texting with multiple girls at the same time to clearly understand what they want. You could be either type. 

  4. It’s incredibly easy and convenient to use mail order brides services. You won’t have to leave your home to find a bride. Thus, you can enjoy your life without spending much time. You can work and receive letters from beautiful women from far away countries at the same time. There is no need to get out of your comfort zone before making your decision.

  5. Remember that mail order brides services aren’t free. Their cost depends on the number of features. You are probably wondering why you should pay for something you can find for free in social networks. However, it’s not as easy to find your soulmate on social networks as you think. First of all, there is no guarantee that your crush is single. And even if she is, she might not be interested in relationships at all. Secondly, you might have different intentions. She might be interested in hookups, while your goal is to find serious relationship. Finally, you never know if the girl chatting with is who she claims to be, and at times there is no way to check that. I’m not saying that finding your love on social networks isn’t impossible, but it is quite hard and takes a lot of time. Luckily, there are marriage agencies that don’t have any of the problems described above. All of the women there are looking for true love just like you. And because it is a marriage agency, profiles of brides are verified, so you have nothing to worry about.


You can be sure that you won’t face any problems if you choose mail order brides services. You can find girl of any type and from absolutely any country thanks to advanced search filters. It is a much more effective way to find your love as opposed to using social networks or traveling around the world. If you think that you are pressured by the company itself, you are totally wrong. The company certainly helps, but it is you who gets all the joy. 


Statistics on Mail Order Brides Dating Websites


Even though there is still unquestionably a stigma about online dating, it is growing as a main way to form marriages. Such doubts and mistrust are coming from uneducated people who have never tried such websites themselves. Online dating is responsible for more than 30% of all current relationships. In other words, if 100% is 10000 individuals, it means that 3000 of them were able to find their love online. Just think about it: there are millions and millions of people worldwide. If 30 percent of all relationships originated online, then dating agencies are certainly helpful. One other popular myth about the girls who become brides is that they don’t need anything but a green card or a visa from their future husband. This isn't true. Any woman who wants to find a husband undergoes a strict screening process. Every girl should provide valid identification documents and pay a fee. After that they have to go through a psychological test to prove their intentions. Only then will they be allowed to create a profile. Brides cannot message guys themselves – they must be picked. Notwithstanding these numbers, people still have a great deal of mistrust to such services. To prove these people wrong, we came up with a few facts that are true about every trustworthy dating agency.


  • Any woman who wants to find a husband online is listed on these websites. After a thorough background check, their profiles will be shown online.

  • Every dating agency is interested in helping couples build a long-term relationship. This is because they are getting paid for it. Thus, it is beneficial for them to make you happy.

  • Every good mail order brides website will provide you with free articles and videos to educate you to be a better person. Psychologists and sex therapists are the ones who have written these articles, so you know that you can trust them.

  • No reputable dating agency will ever guarantee that you can find your soulmate in a given period of times, because it’s impossible to do. When it comes to matching skills, no real website ever gives you a 100% success rate. This is because two people can never be guaranteed eternal happiness. And there are no guarantees that they will like each other.

  • Mail order brides sites are a lot more convenient than traditional dating sites. You are paying for the service, and in case your match has led to marriage. Other than that, there are no hidden charges. 


Features That You Will Find on Mail Order Brides Platforms


Every mail order brides website offers you multiple ways to communicate with women. You can talk to the ladies via instant messaging, chat, email, and through video calls. This allows you to speak to any girl you like from any part of the world. However, just like it is with most dating platforms, mail order brides sites aren’t free of charge. Most of the time you will need to purchase a membership in order to get access to the best features. There are different types of memberships with different prices. Let’s take a look at the most common subscription plans:


  • Basic. You can meet this membership type on pretty much any dating platform and it’s not hard to guess that it is the cheapest plan out of all. Is usually costs around 10 dollars or so. With its help, you can create your own profile and start messaging mail order brides. Usually this is more than enough to get to know the person, but if you like the chosen site and want to take full advantage of it, you could try out more expensive forms of membership.

  • Advanced. This is sort of in-between plan that allows you to chat with the girl and also use email. You chat in real time (your partner obviously needs to be online for this to happen) and it is a very nice function. You can also benefit from the email feature that lets you chat with the users even if they are offline. Using these features, you can sort the location of preferences of your match. This can really come in handy if you want to see girls who reside in certain countries.

  • The Complete Package. This one has absolutely everything you need. You will be able to use every feature presented on the site, like chat, email, advanced filters, video calls, location-based matches, and so on. There might be even more features depending on the website you have chosen.


In addition, some of the top mail order brides sites provide their users with helpful tips on how to behave with women and have the most chances. This can be really helpful, especially if you are new to online dating. There are articles with many different subjects, like:


  • How to talk to ladies if they barely know English?

  • How to find your true love?

  • What are some hidden tricks when chatting with ladies online?

  • How to overcome cultural differences?

  • How to understand body language?


These are just examples, as there might be a lot of other helpful topics. The tips you will be given depend from the service you are using. Keep in mind that the best mail order brides services do whatever they can to make the user happy in every way possible. Therefore, you can be sure that the platform will be constantly upgrading and there will be new helpful articles. Mail order brides services are clearly the future of dating, so think about giving them a chance.

Making the Right Choice


We’ve created our website to help you make the right choice when you're looking for a mail order bride. In other words, we will help you with finding a decent marriage agency. Our guide gives you full information on the most popular mail order brides sites. We also have the most up-to-date and honest reviews. Every website claims to be the best, even if they are scammers, so it’s important to know who you can trust. Our review will help you find the most trustworthy dating agencies with best features.


We also warn users about unreliable mail order brides sites to keep them as far from scammers as possible. In addition, our experts explain how different websites work – which ones have user-friendly user interface, extensive number of features, etc. Thus, we don’t only give you the best options to choose from, but also help you learn how to use websites before you even register. However, you should understand that there isn’t a single website that will guarantee you 100% success in any relationship. It’s a personal matter and a lot of things depend from you. Nevertheless, we will certainly make the search process as easy and successful as possible. Below are the key aspects we pay attention to when looking for trustworthy dating agencies.


  • Whenever we begin to work with a website, we first evaluate it from the user's point of view. We have to find out if will you have any problems when using it.

  • We take into account all of the features presented on the website.

  • We analyze the feedback of consumers and the percentage of couples generated with this or that platform. There is no point in looking for objective feedback on the websites under consideration, so we have to find what real customers think about the platform.


Best Mail Order Brides Websites




Hinge is not your typical dating app. It was established in 2012 and in 2015 underwent a significant rebranding. They’ve changed the main goal of the app and made it for people who are interested in serious relationship.


In fact, Hinge actually asks their users to delete the app once they’ve found the perfect match. They claim that most singles depend on dating apps in modern times to find someone with whom they can be. Many popular dating apps, however, do not really provide a forum for searching for serious relationships. Such apps provide senseless swiping, and everything there is based on appearance. Hinge redesigned its dating app to support singles in search of something more serious than a casual affair. 


Creating a profile within this dating app is significantly longer than it is in most dating apps. This is because Hinge has been designed to match people in need of serious relationships.

You can register using either valid email address, a Facebook account, or a mobile number.

Although no email confirmation is needed, you need provide the code that will be sent to you if you choose to sign up using your mobile number. 


Afterwards, the process includes filling out different sections of your profile, which are as follows: by going to the "Discover" page you can see your recommended matches. If you like the person, you can click the heart icon. A photo, video or profile section can also be commented. If the other person is also interested and replies to your comment, a connection will be made and you can start a conversation.




Jaumo is an with over 30 million members, most of which are from Germany, Brazil, and the United States. It can be used for both dating and hookups.


Jaumo uses the same suggested match format as most other dating apps. All you have to do is swipe right if you are interested in the person and like his/her photos and swipe left if you want to keep looking. The moment you have matched with someone, you can begin chatting with them without paying a cent.


As a free member, you are allowed to create a profile, communicate with others, like profiles, see who liked you, and start live videos. However, you will be granted a lot more features once you purchase a subscription, like ad-free browsing, communication with VIP members, ability to like as many profiles you wish, and receive notifications once the person has read your message.


Added benefit is that there is a 7-day free trial available for a Premium account. You can get a Premium for as low as $12,49 per month, or get a yearly membership for $75.




If you have been held hostage for years by your professional life from your private one, Elite Singles will be a perfect place for you. This website is designed for busy people who want to find their soulmate but simply don’t have enough time for visiting events and meeting in live. Thus, Elite Singles mainly attracts like-minded people, who are skilled professionals. Having found a partner on this site, you know that your date will most likely be at a gourmet restaurant, because it's full of people who know how to look after themselves and treat others with equal regard.


Elite Singles matches people based on twenty-nine unique character features and has highly detailed profiles. Thus, you know exactly what to expect from this website and its users. It is also a site that places great emphasis on security, as it is loaded with an incredible amount of tools for confidentiality, verification, and filtering, so there is no place for fraud and fake profiles. If you think of yourself as a trusted expert, you certainly won’t be left alone. According to the latest statistics, over 80% of the website members have a university degree. Therefore, it's a great choice for those who value their time and business, but at the same want to find a lifetime partner with similar hobbies.


Features presented:


  • A very interesting matching system that matches you with other singles based on the answers to questions you indicated when creating a profile;

  • Up to seven potential matches sent to your email every day;

  • Complete safety and confidentiality, as the website is protected with SSL encryption. There is also an anti-fraud team working on the website that makes sure there are no fake profiles;

  • A lot of communication tools to any taste;

  • Subscription plans are pretty expensive compared to most online dating platforms, but it’s totally worth it considering their personality test that helps to find other matches.




OKCupid is a dating platform created in 2003. It keeps rapidly growing every year, not only in the United States, but around the world. As of now, they have over 50 million users, which is an impressive number. It has everything you would expect from a top dating site:


  • Free registration and creation of profile;

  • Advanced search filters that help you find your ideal match in seconds;

  • The ability to quickly and easily message the person you are interested in;

  • You can communicate with as many people as you want at the same time.


Online registration includes passing a small psychological test. Answering a question, the user selects the answer and, if necessary, indicates how important it is to him. You can then get matched with some other user based on your answer. Thus, you can easily understand what your psychological compatibility is with each participant. 


Creation of profile doesn’t cost anything. In addition, there is an app for Android and Iphone users, making your communication process a lot more convenient and enjoyable.