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50 Plus Dating: What is the Difference?


For those who are over 50, dating sometimes seems difficult and useless. To disprove this misconception there are many 50 and older dating sites. Most of the users of these sites find pleasant interlocutors, go on romantic dates in the real world. To make easily new acquaintances with interesting people who are over 50, it is enough to go free registration at one of the best dating sites for over 50. Love all ages are submissive - an expression known to the whole world. The irrefutable postulate has a lot of vivid evidence: the famous Hollywood actor Michael Douglas met his soulmate at 55 years old, pop diva Madonna found a life partner in 51, and the famous Harrison Ford found his happiness in 61.

Regardless of age, every woman dreams of a reliable shoulder, every man - of support and understanding. Your innermost desire will become a reality at a dating site, where over 50 singles can find each other. Beware:

  • to think that everyone came there with the same aims as yours. This will lead to disappointment, because all people are different;
  • to take full responsibility for what is happening on yourself. For example, to think that if you get an unpleasant person in the interlocutors (is being rude, makes obscene sentences, etc.), then it’s about you, not about him / her;
  • to be too passive / optimistic. An alternative to optimism and pessimism can be realism: when we see real, living people, we experience living feelings for them, we try, we make mistakes, we try again, we give ourselves a good chance to find serious relationship.


The success of over 50 dating in the Internet depends not only on luck, but also on the person himself, his attitude, ability to make contact. Often, a person rushes to search for relationships in order to get rid of agonizing loneliness, and this is not the best motive, because initially another person is considered as a means to solve his / her own problem. Often a person goes to dating over 50 site with an exorbitant list of requirements and rejects everyone who does not fit into this framework.


Arguments for Seniors Meeting Seniors


It is no secret that many young people are faced with uncertainty, and only through trial and error do they finally understand what they want from life. For most people over 50 in a relationship, comfort and stability are important. These qualities are often found in senior men / women, which is why older people are increasingly choosing their peers today. Seniors, as a rule, are more serious, and certainly will not look for a reason for a petty quarrel or swear over trifles. In addition, such people are much more tolerant of the shortcomings of their second half and are not inclined to idealize them: younger people are usually involved in this.

Many people believe that finances should not affect the relationship between a man and a woman: the alleged interest in money and true love are incompatible. This is not entirely true: the “financial issue”, unfortunately, will sooner or later necessarily touch any relationship. Seniors, as a rule, have already taken some position in life, and therefore in relations with them you will hardly have to worry about financial troubles.

Young people are much less likely to be set up for a long and serious relationship, and they can be completely understood: in their best years, almost everyone wants to taste this life without dwelling on one thing. Unfortunately, this principle sometimes moves to relationships: for other men / women, they last no more than three or four months, followed by separation and the search for a new passion, which also does not stay long. To argue about whether this is good or bad is not worth it: each person has his own vision of the ideal relationship. However, if you are set up for a long and serious relationship with the opposite sex, it is better to meet seniors: they value their time and usually are not inclined to short-term entertainment.


What is the Essence of Over 50 Dating?


Time passes, quietly, but confidently. Yesterday you were young, and now your pension is just around the corner. However, it is not always that close people stay with us during this difficult life. And it happens for various reasons: someone by the age of 50 is left alone in the fate of circumstances, and someone has not been led to meet before that person with whom life could be lived. If earlier, about 15 years ago, such lonely people could hardly count on luck, then today with the development of the Internet, we can state this fact - loneliness for any age is no longer a problem! Why? Yes, simply because there are specialized dating sites where seniors meet.

In fact, these dating sites for singles over 50 are not much different from other services to search for their second half. It can also be international sites. The main difference is that they are focused on an adult audience. To date, a huge number of people of age 50+ are actively involved in online dating. In accordance with statistical data, the best dating sites have questionnaires of more than 60 million people. The main advantages of such dating sites include the following:

  • here due to age features a more serious audience. They are all right with their head and values. They remember what a traditional family is and treat it with the same traditional respect;
  • you will not meet there young idlers or macho-ephemeral ones, who in the very first letter rush at you with the phrases “Hello Beautiful”, or “Hi”, or “Hello gorgeous”;
  • if you are looking for foreign soulmate, do not estimate the age of European and North American men / women, as well as Australian and Canadian, according to the stereotypes of your country. Remember that these men / women are grown and live in an environmentally more comfortable environment. They otherwise feed and lead a healthy lifestyle. In 60-80 years they travel, ride bicycles, run marathons or play golf;
  • registering fifty plus dating platform, when you only - only 50 “with a tail” you will feel as a pretty young person surrounded by attention.


These observations are confirmed by scientists. Based on data that was conducted in 2017-2018 and after a survey of 28,000 people at several “age-related” sites, sociologists found out that about 42% of couples were married.


Which Resources should be Chosen to Meet Seniors?


It is usually considered that dating in general and on the web is especially the prerogative of young people. However, it is unlikely that anyone will argue that a loved one is needed at any age. A popular way to find a couple is 50+ dating sites or a marriage agency. There are many situations in life that force mature and even older people to look for their mate. One of them is the notorious midlife crisis, which, according to psychologists, for women comes at the age of 35, for men at about 40. It is possible that the person you are acquainted with at this time will help to survive this difficult period and save from breaking family relationships. After all, sometimes it is much easier to open the soul in front of a stranger, to hear his / her wise advice, especially if he / she has experienced a similar situation in the past. And, perhaps, it will help you with different eyes to see and understand the person with whom a significant part of your life has been lived. Or maybe your marriage has broken up or you haven’t found a soul mate before this time - why not try it at 50?

Another situation: a man or a woman is widowed, and they are only 50, and absolutely do not want to give up life's joys. Many in this case also use dating sites. Third situation: retirement. He often becomes a test for people whose life was made up of work. If at this time the next life partner is still half the problem, and if fate decreed that you were left without a partner? Children and grandchildren have grown up, they, as they say, have their own lives. Why not be active? For older people, there are over 50 dating sites. Here is a convenient and simple questionnaire filling system, from which the search for a satellite begins.


Dating Sites for People Over 50: TOP-5


  1. SilverSingles - registration and creation of the questionnaire is required, although it is possible to view photos without creating a profile. In the first days after filling the account in you will receive a lot of messages. It’s not a fact that among them there are letters from the right candidates, but such a flow will definitely raise self-esteem. Every 10 days it is available to raise the questionnaire to the top of the list, which increases the number of views and hits. Pros: free services, high activity of users, the option of raising the questionnaire, a lot of real men / women 50+, not bots, search on the multifunctional filter, the opportunity to meet Germans, Italians, Spaniards, inhabitants of the American continent. As elsewhere, you can find here your soulmate. Success will require healthy selectivity, a clear definition of criteria, a fair amount of skepticism and caution in eliminating empty promises;

  2. Elite Singles - suitable for those who focus exclusively on marriage with a 50+ foreigner. This dating site declares a multi-level verification of men / women before opening access to the service. Registered real mail order bride and grooms from developed countries. In an active search are decent men / women who really pursue matrimonial goals, because they have to pay for site services. The developers report high statistics of marriages - about a hundred pairs a year. The interface is intuitive, even for not very advanced computer users, there is no advertising. Of the additional features - a community forum, games and contests, the presence of a wall for entries. A fairly reliable 50+ dating site from a security point of view, but to find the perfect life partner you will need your own awareness in the search for matches, honest intentions to start a family and perseverance;

  3. Match - offers psychological compatibility testing in pairs. 17 characteristics are taken into account for drawing up an expanded portrait. This facilitates the task of creating a harmonious family with a person who is most suitable for spiritual qualities and value orientations. The range of nationalities, countries of residence, age, income level, religious preferences and other parameters is very large, so the chances of meeting “your” partner are quite large. People over 40 and 50 years old consider the site one of the best tools for building serious relationships. Pros: clean unobtrusive design without annoying advertising banners, registration of married people is not allowed, really find a person who is nearby, the site offers potentially compatible partners on the test results;

  4. eHarmony - one of the most long-running projects for 50+ dating, opened more than 7 years ago, invariably featured in ratings and reviews. When registering, you can use accounts in social networks. Minimal functionality, for example, ad placement, is available without registration. Of the interesting options - keeping diaries with user comments, the creation of live broadcasts in order to share the news, rating photos, the mass of available games and applications. Selected articles with stories about dates and weddings, tips on love and family topics. Mobile version offers a quick search for people nearby, dating in the form of a game, push notifications. Pros: the base has more than 9 million profiles, which increases the likelihood of finding the ideal partner, the choice of search criteria, many ways of self-promotion in the marriage market;

  5. OurTime - a good 50+ dating site for serious relationships is aimed at finding a partner for marriage. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, customers undergo detailed testing of personal inclinations, preferences, interests. In the rating, based on statistics of marriages, the site is present as the most serious in the selection of the perfect half. You can answer questions in about 15-20 minutes. In terms of volume, this is about 20 pages with 12-14 simple questions on each and the answer options on a 7-point scale. In some cases, you must enter textual information about your hobbies, character traits, and preferences. The basis of the psychological portrait is a five-factor personality model that enjoys authority in scientific circles. Selection filters include age, height, distance to the place of residence, similarity in interest. You can also view new visitors, people with added photos.


50+ Dating: Some Hints


Of course, no one forbids people over 50 to use the same sites as the youth. But we must admit that finding a friend or a friend - your peers in this case will take much longer. Well, the rules of the second half of the Internet search, perhaps, are the same for everyone, regardless of the age. Lay out those of your photos that you consider the most successful. Tell about yourself so that you are interested in the person: surely there are a lot of interesting things in your life. But you should not embellish your image: if you are looking for a serious relationship, you need to start with the truth.

Psychologists are advised to keep a diary, where to record interesting thoughts - one's own and others', as well as bright events, etc. This will help you to fully reveal yourself in Internet communication. At the same time, remember that you should not be too frank. For security reasons, do not advertise your financial situation, housing problem. And before you get acquainted already "in person", talk a little longer all the same in networks.

You need to tell yourself honestly what you want, what you are ready to accept as a partner and what is not. You can not write about this in the profile, but it is worth keeping in mind. Because for each goal there are different selection criteria and a different search strategy.

Give dating sites a specific time. For example, no more than an hour per day to view profiles and respond to the most interested respondents. In addition, to take breaks in the active search, select a month for yourself to select and drop out 3-4 most suitable candidates. Next, delete the questionnaire and develop acquaintances with the selected group. If none of the acquaintances turned into a comfortable relationship for you, resume your profile and searches.


Final Thoughts


Every person is looking for a life partner for himself, with whom you can share the days and nights, who will become a companion, friend, partner and just a loved one. In 18-20 years, the feeling of love arises quickly, couples are created almost every day. But where to meet a man / woman, when the first gray hairs touched the temples and a great life experience was left behind. Many single women / men do not know how to get acquainted with the opposite sex after 50, although they really want this. After all, the person who lived most of his life, put on the feet of children, want to be happy and needs someone. And when a person can say to himself: “I will get acquainted with a man / woman”, a period of real searches begins.

In adulthood, many things are soberly evaluated, and the dreams of a prince / princess are few. Adults need partners who will be deprived of empty ambitions and can be sensitive to the desire of their second half. In this case, you can visit the Internet, where there is an impressive number of dating sites, created specifically for those who in 50 years want to find a life partner. You can find a dating site for those who are over 50 in just a few minutes, and you will have to spend another couple of minutes registering and filling out a profile.

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Why Choose SeniorMatch community to start your 50 plus dating?

  1. Meet like-minded people, most singles here are over 50 years old.
  2. Verification system hepls you find the serious and real people on our site.
  3. All new profiles are screened by support team so that you don't worry about the fake and fraud people.
  4. We have been servicing our members for more than 10 years! Hundreds of thousands of members are waiting for you now!

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How it works?

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  2. Start browsing and searching: After you had your profile, you can start your dating journey now! Browse the members at your local area, or search by your own criteria. Advance search tool helps you find your perfect matches more easier.
  3. Communication: Find some potential matches now? Want to break the ice? Sending free winks to her/him is one good way to show your interest. And initiating an email can help you to get positive response from your matches.
  4. Know more online before you decide to meet her/him: We suggest that you should know more information about your partners before meeting offline. Don't send your personal email address or phone number to others. Try to use our webmail system to communicate. The scammers like to give their emails to you and ask you to chat with them by personal email address. Don't do that, since they know that we are blocking them in a short time.
  5. Check dating and safety tips: You decide to meet up? Do you want a wonderful first date? Check out our dating tips on first date and your safety. It works for many of our members.
  6. Meet offline: Find a public place for meeting your matches. It's safe and relaxing. Be yourself, let others know the real you, not the fake one.


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Dating tips for 50+ singles

6 useful tips for creating a great profile on 50 plus dating site

  1. If you have been trying to create an attractive profile, then it's great! You are taking the first step in setting the scene for dating someone special. A good profile is the open sesame to success of finding your perfect matches.
  2. Yes, as we all known that your profile needs to be representative of who you are and what you are seeking, so that you can attract the interests of like-minded people's. However, most people don't know what kinds of things can they do to ensure they have a good profiles which works on online dating. If you need the tips to improve your profile, please check the following dating tips for senior citizens.
  3. Upload at least two current photos: Photos significantly increase responses! Try at least one close-up and one full-body shot for the best results. According to the given data from several senior dating sites, The profiles with photos get more than 15 times emails and responses than the members without any photos. Do remember to smile, the first impression is from your profile photos. Smiles show that you are positive and optimistic person.
  4. Don't write "too much" about yourself. What you specifically write about yourself in your profile is important and should reflect what you are looking for, your interests, and should give the reader a sense of your personality through what you have written. Don't short-change yourself by writing one sentence. There is surely much more to write about yourself and your likes/dislikes than that. Writing too little can give the impression you are not serious about finding someone.
  5. Take time to think about who you are before you write down. Think about it this way: Let's imagine that the potential love of your life is reading your profile right now, without you knowing it. What things would you want to make sure that person knew about you?
  6. Be consistent. If you write things in "about me" shows that you are seeking a long term relationship, but you choose "discreet dating" only from the drop-down menu, then visitors will be confused by what you are looking for, and they may think you are not serious about dating someone. Most people will leave your page and ignore your profile.
  7. Keep active on site. Update your profiles often, since it will show that you are active on site and makes other users aware of your activities, especially for non-paid users. You don not have to update the entire profile, many dating platforms have the features like "Recent activities", once you changed your profile, your activity is showing to others, and almost every dating service provider likes the active and positive members. Those profiles usually get higher rank among tens of thousands of members.
  8. Spelling check. No one likes to read poor writing on profile. The proper grammar and descriptions can embody your good qualities. The better first impressions of your page, the more chances to have a dating

How To Safely Be Involved With 50 Plus Dating and Find A Mate

Prepare Yourself, Readying Yourself Emotionally For Dates

If you’re just now getting back into the dating world – perhaps you got divorced and are newly single or your spouse passed away and you’d like to start dating again.  If you’re going to date someone who’s your own age, you should remember they grew up during the same time period as you. They have similar morals, values and tastes… and online 50 plus dating sites to them may also be new.

Know Who You Are

Before you step out into the dating world, you need to know what qualities you want in a partner. This means making a list of what you want from a partner. Make sure you list all the negative qualities you want to avoid. After all, by knowing what you want, you know what your standards are and what you will and will not tolerate in a mate. You’ve already been there and done that!

Do A Little Research

There are an array of dating sites that you can get involved in, but consider doing your research before you get involved in just any dating site. Consider a dating site with its niche in senior dating such as SeniorMatch.com, 50plusdating.net, or you can check the senior dating review site like seniorsdatingsites.org to find more.

Take Time To Get To Know Someone

The reality behind 50+ dating online is that you don’t know who someone really is, as they’re not already in your inner circle. You definitely don’t want to be taken advantage of, which is a problem for many senior citizens today. Be cautious about the things the person tells you, and don’t divulge a lot of information about yourself.  While most people have good intentions, not everyone feels the same way.

Be Patient

Yes, you’re older and in the dating game, but you should remember that Mr. or Mrs. Right isn’t going to happen overnight. A good relationship is going to take time. It may take several weeks of dating one person to realize either this person is good for you or they’re not. Sure, you may feel lonely but that’s not reason to rush things. Have some patience and, in due time, you will find someone who is right for you.

It can be difficult to get back on the horse or even trying senior dating through the Internet after you reach a certain age. However, the benefits certainly outweigh the negatives when it comes to online dating. Just remember to stay safe and not to rush things. Online 50 plus dating for seniors is certainly one way to find love once again.